Competing Natures is an ongoing project in which I consider wild and constructed aspects of the landscape and how they reflect our contemporary existence. I began this project in 2020 when the Covid pandemic resulted in a ghosted urban landscape that nudged me to explore places where nature often dominates the built environment. Spending time photographing these places allowed me to contemplate their beauty, precarity and the ongoing rivalry between nature and the human quest for progress. I try to portray a dynamic and layered struggle between the two in my photographs.

It is important to me to present both natural and built aspects of our environment with equity. Some of my photographs depict quiet beauty rather than a wild or unkempt landscape. I hope that the attention paid while capturing both invites viewers to pause, let their imaginations roam, discover details that might otherwise go unnoticed, and wonder about the places captured in my photographs. I also hope that by remaining faithful to the actual appearance of things my photographs will prompt us to scrutinize and see the world for what it is—a continuing work in progress whose destiny lies as much in the hands of humankind as in the indomitable forces of nature, which are mysterious and greater than we are.