Artist Statement

Photography has opened my eyes to new and deeper ways of seeing, allowing me to focus and reflect on subjects that matter to me and details that might otherwise go unnoticed. It satisfies my urge to record things that I find visually intriguing and to document beauty and dignity that I encounter in my surroundings and wider travels.

My current work examines both wild and constructed aspects of the landscape, our relationships with each, and how they reflect our contemporary condition. I am interested in transitional spaces arising from obsolescence, neglect, decay, financial hardship, public health emergency, or other circumstances requiring us to adapt and reconsider how these spaces can be utilized. Part of this investigation also examines the continuing tenacity of nature over the human pursuit of development. I strive to present a balanced and layered visual appraisal that affirms what “is” rather than suggests what “should be.”

I also have an abiding interest in the power of printed matter and in photographically exploring the multifaceted allure of books. This stems from a lifelong passion for reading and an interest in the materiality of books and their capacity to inspire curiosity, communicate information, promote deeper exploration, and connect people with ideas and each other.

Capturing these things in photographs is meditative---affording a respite from the visual barrage of commercial and political messaging that has come to define our culture. The archive of memory and inspiration that results reminds me of what humanity is capable of.