Artist Statement

Photography opens my eyes to new and deeper ways of seeing, allowing me to focus on subjects and details that might otherwise go unnoticed, and to reflect on them.  It satisfies my urge to make a record of things that spark my interest or enthusiasm, and to document beauty and dignity that I encounter in my surroundings.  Capturing these things in photographs is meditative---affording a respite from the visual barrage of commercial and political messaging that has come to define our culture.  The archive of memory and inspiration that results reminds me of what humanity is capable of.

My photographs are digitally captured and processed, yet I also am interested in alternative photographic processes. Creating cyanotypes and platinum palladium prints allows me to experiment with materials and methods that recognize the artistic merit of imperfection, unpredictability and the uniqueness of every image.  I enjoy the tactility of applying emulsion to hand selected fine art papers or fabrics, and the excitement of seeing the results of a hand developed print. 

Whether creating a digitally printed photograph or a hand developed alternative process print, I always ask myself whether the viewer will see what I saw, feel what I felt, or understand what I felt when I saw it.  This interest in continuing a conversation begun with my perception is what drives the evolution of my work.